College: Southern Polytechnic State University

Software Proficiency
Photoshop* Premiere* After Effects* OBS Wordpress Visual Studio


Programming and Scripting Languages
HTML CSS C# Python C++ Java BASIC

Game Development
Irbis - I have been working on Irbis since May of 2017. It is a 2D boss rush game made in Monogame and inspired by Metroid, World of Warcraft, and The Witcher 3. If you only look at one thing I have made, I hope it is this. (Monogame, 2017 - present)

Cat Burglary - Cat Burglary is a sillier game, where the main characters are cats attempting to steal back the fruits of their life of crime from their traitorous partner. A cooperative puzzle game was a new and interesting challenge to work on. I had a role in creating just about all of the scripts used in the game. (Unity, 2016)

Vi Mentis - My very first project working on a digital game, Vi Mentis is a proof of concept for a puzzle game where the player can rotate the world around themselves. I did much of the scripting in this game, and even taught myself C# to do so. (Unity, 2015)

Fugitive - This game was designed for four or more people to play, and was based around the idea that every turn the player should be doing something different. There are three roles: fugitive, detective and searchers, with the roles rotating around the table. The winner is the searcher who finds the fugitive! (2014)
Software Development
Snep Bot - A constant work in progress, and one of my favorite projects I have worked on. I love Snow Leopards, so I made a bot to post Snow Leopard photos on Telegram and Twitter every 3 hours, on the hour. The bot was written in Python, which I also taught myself. The code is open source and available on GitHub. (Python)

Lua Compiler - One of the more enjoyable school projects that I did recently for my Concepts of Programming Languages course. While this project only covered a small subset of Lua’s keywords and functions, I still immensely enjoyed the challenge and thought process required to get a project like this to work. (C++)
Web Development
Pulex.cc - Designed and built this website from the ground up for a friend. It was a short project done over a single weekend in an attempt to save my friend some money on hosting costs.

Ln2.co - Personal website, made entirely from scratch with HTML, CSS, and just a hint of javascript.
Project Links
I know some things, but there's even more that I don't know that I want to learn.
I'm constantly trying to learn new things, both by watching others and making things myself.
Should I be hired, I will continue to learn as much as I can and do the best I can. Always.