What is Irbis


Irbis is a 2D boss rush style game based upon the older Metroid games. With very minimal story elements, the purpose of the game is simply to defeat all the bosses. There are no platforming and no ‘run&gun’ style levels, though there is a survival mode in the works. A total of five bosses are planned, each with their own unique stages (starting with the cave, then plains, hill, mountaintop, and finally The Keep) and ability sets.

The first boss, the lizard (technical name: “Lizard Guy Boss (rawr)” it’s a working title) is mechanically complete, though completely untested, riddled with bugs, and lacking animations. The lizard has a combination of doodles, concept art, and arrows in place of where animations would be to show that the animation system is fully functional.

The second boss, the wizard, is partially implemented. Many of the wizard's abilities are in the game (I have a couple other rolling around in my head) but I am not currently happy with how they are triggered. The wizard's AI and combat system is a work in progress.

While multiple difficulties are planned (easy, medium, hard, and insane - being unlocked after beating hard), the game is being built to be hard. The intention is to have to fight the boss four or five times to try and learn its mechanics before being able to beat it. This is very much inspired by Metroid and Witcher 3 bosses.

Krampus Party
Designed, coded, and otherwise built everything
Concept art & awesome friend
Animations & most patient person ever

He's the main character.


Development is reaching the point where I can't finish the project alone. Games need concept art, animations, backgrounds, environments, characters, music, and more. Unfortunately, I am not an artist or an animator.

This is where patreon comes in. With patreon, I'll be able to afford the assets I need.

Pledging also comes with certain perks including early developement builds and Discord access, along with whatever else I can think of. Check out the patreon page for more info.

PatronsThank You!

Open Source

All of the code for Irbis is open source and available on GitHub under the BSD 3-Clause Clear License.

Feel free to clone, download, modify, and use the code under this license. However, the full game cannot be compiled exclusively from this code. Art and assets are not included in this repository, and can only be found in the full download of the game. (which happens to be available below!)

Download the latest build